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Faustus: Good Angel, Bad Angel, Parma and Politics

(From Ken Eckert, via Wikimedia Commons, used w/o permission.) A year and three weeks ago, I started writing about Marlowe’s “Faustus” play: “The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus.” Three months later, I’d finished three more. … Continue reading

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Alabaster Cities, Fireworks, a Condo Disaster and Tears

Patriotism comes in many flavors: cheesy, sour, salty: and that’s enough ‘flavor.’ Maybe too much. My country’s Independence Day celebration, our Fourth of July, started me thinking about patriotism. Also screwball notions, drought and Florida’s pancaked condo. But mostly, the … Continue reading

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In Praise of Lilacs, Blue Sky and Rain

I have been feeling down, depressed and worse. So I wrote about emotions, personality disorders, predestination, flowers and making sense. Continue reading

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