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ʻOumuamua: Data, Questions

ʻOumuamua, the first interstellar object observed passing through the Solar System, is in the news again. Scientists have been studying what little we know about the object. Quite a few have published their results. Two Harvard scientists looked at the … Continue reading

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Firestorm Comet?

Scientists figure a comet started breaking up about 12,800 years back. Nothing unusual there. Many comets break up while they’re this close to our sun. This time Earth got in the way before the fragments spread out much. Fire rained … Continue reading

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Visitor from the Stars

Scientists thought ‘Oumuamua was a comet when they spotted it last month. Follow-up observations showed it was more like an asteroid: and going too fast to be from the solar system. ‘Oumuamua is from interstellar space. It’s the first object … Continue reading

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Planet 9, Maybe; Nibiru, No

The world didn’t end last Saturday. That’s nothing new, and neither is another fizzled End Times prediction. I’ll be talking about how a current End Times prediction affected someone whose name is the same as the wannabe prophet’s; but is … Continue reading

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