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Minnesota, July, 2021: Drier and Deeper in Drought

(Drought conditions in Minnesota. (July 6, 2021)) My part of Stearns County, Minnesota, had moderate drought back in mid-June. This week’s map promoted us to severe drought. Maybe the map’s drought data included the 38 hundredths of an inch we … Continue reading

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Florida Indoor Fish Farm: An Aquaculture Alternative

A few groceries have been offering delicacies like elk steaks for decades, at least. But the odds are that hunters aren’t supplying your grocery’s meat department with wild game. That’s not surprising, or shouldn’t be. I’ll be talking about an … Continue reading

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Pesticides in the Water

I live on Earth, so caring about what happens here makes sense. I’ve talked about enlightened self-interest, Yeats, Ehrlich, and getting a grip, before. Often, actually. (February 17, 2017; January 20, 2017; September 16, 2016; August 12, 2016) A news … Continue reading

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Olive Threat, Ginkgo Genome

Something’s killing Europe’s olive trees: a bacterium that’s probably spread by insects. Scientists don’t know how to stop the disease, not yet. Other scientists analyzed the Ginkgo genome. What they found helps explain the tree’s remarkable endurance. Olive Quick Decline … Continue reading

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