Second Collections

The neighborhood parish took a second collection again today. This week’s was to help folks hit by Hurricane Irma. The one before that was for those affected by Harvey.

Folks in the Caribbean, Gulf Coast, and Florida weren’t the only ones dealing with disaster recently:

Quite a few folks in quite a few places are doing what they can to help others.

For some, that’s prayer. Others help with “tea and kindness:”

I think prayer and helping folks near the front door are both good ideas. So is helping outfits like CRS, Catholic Relief Services.

These folks will help anyone who needs it, and are global:

I think responding with prayer and charity makes more sense than assuming that Mother Nature is having conniptions. (September 10, 2017; August 27, 2017)

I’ve talked about disasters and how folks react to them fairly often in the last few weeks:

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