Light Show in Washington; Law and Life; Masks Back On

CNS/Ashley Wilson's photo of a slogan projected on the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington. (January 21, 2022) via The TabletI’d expected to hear about charisms during Mass this morning.

I did, in the Bible readings. But the homily was about why killing innocent people isn’t a good idea, even if it’s legal.

And why we should see killing innocent people as a bad idea.

And help folks who maybe felt pressured into ordering a hit because it’s ‘for their own good.’

At any rate, The last-minute topic change was due to Saturday’s Friday’s light show outside the National Basilica in Washington, DC., which wasn’t part of the prayer vigil happening inside.

So far, Saturday’s Friday’s light show doesn’t seem to be a hot news item. Not for national-level traditional news media, anyway.

I’m not happy about the light show.

That’s partly because I think human beings are people even if my country’s laws limit their “…unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness….”

Which I’ll grant is “unconstitutional.”

It’s in the Declaration of Independence’s preamble.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, Masks Back On

The Masked Minnesotan.The other surprise at Mass was a letter from our Bishop.

It’s a response to “…the fast-spreading omicron variant….” Seems that this particular iteration of the COVID-19 virus is expected to peak in central Minnesota in the next two to six weeks.

Bishop Kettler says we’ll be wearing masks during Mass again.

I’m not ecstatic about that, since it’s cold outside, and my glasses will fog up if I’m wearing them and a mask.

But I see the ‘masks back on’ rule change as a common sense response to a very real threat to public health. And one way I can act as if loving my neighbor is a good idea.

I’ve talked about this sort of thing before.

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