Central Minnesota “Unhealthy” Air Quality and My Plans For Today

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's air quality map, about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Minnesota’s air quality around noon today. (June 28, 2023)

I had running an errand penciled in for this afternoon. Happily, it’s not urgent.

That’s good news, since air quality in my part of Minnesota is what the MPCA calls “unhealthy”: where folks who have a choice should stay inside if possible, and avoid working hard outside. (Current air quality conditions)

The bad news is that some folks don’t have much of a choice, generally because of their job, about when they’re outside and what they do when they’re there. And that’s another topic.

I’m the one person in this household who doesn’t have chronic breathing/respiratory issues, so that’d be good news for me. If I wasn’t concerned about how they’re feeling, and that’s yet another topic.

Still, it could be worse for me and the rest of the family here in Sauk Centre. We’re not in southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois or eastern Iowa. Folks there have really bad air to deal with today.

Sauk Centre, by the way, is just under the “A” in “Alexandria” on that map. Looks like were on the edge of the “Unhealthy” zone at the moment. So that’s sort-of-good news.

I checked: the air quality alert runs until midnight tonight. And the current situation is a result of Canadian wildfires. Folks up there are not having a good summer. And — yep — that’s yet again another topic.

I’d better get back to work on this week’s post.

Hope the air’s better in your part of the world.

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