April 13, 2023; Quick Update

Good news for me. The authorization I was looking for appeared late yesterday.

That’s very good news. I’m feeling a lot better, now that I’m back on full doses. That could be psychosomatic, placebo effect, or something else. But whatever it is: it’s good news.

More good news, the post for this Saturday is taking shape.

Slightly frustrating news, I’ve been getting more spam comments: almost all for what looks like a cryptocurrency that was new to me until the spam started.

So far, it’s merely slightly frustrating. If the situation gets worse; well, I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

And that’s all for now.

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I was born in 1951. I'm a husband, father and grandfather. One of the kids graduated from college in December, 2008, and is helping her husband run businesses and raise my granddaughter; another is a cartoonist and artist; #3 daughter is a writer; my son is developing a digital game with #3 and #1 daughters. I'm also a writer and artist.
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