A Fogbound Writer

I thought, for a few hours toward the end of the week, that I might have the post I’ve been working on done by Sunday. That didn’t happen.

By Saturday’s end, I’d written and kept more words than I’d deleted. But they didn’t add up to anything I wanted to share.

I could have stopped there, posting what I had, with some sort of ‘to be continued’ promise. But that would have meant chopping the thing off in mid-flow. I figured you wouldn’t want to wonder how — and if — I’d make coming back for ‘part two’ worthwhile.

And I’d be wondering the same thing.

My mind’s been fogbound, becalmed, and similar metaphors. Words haven’t flowed off my keyboard. More like oozed out.

Inadequate sleep is either a cause or a consequence. Maybe a little of both.

Those are temporal consequences, or effects: stuff scientists can observe, measure and analyze. At least in principle.

I’ve read about statistical analyses of altruism, and that’s almost another topic.

I figure there’s a spiritual component too.

That doesn’t mean I believe Distraction crept into my head, inviting Confusion and other demonic delinquents to a party. When I get a cold, I don’t blame Demon Rhinovirus.

My best guess is that I’ve been experiencing what happens when stress, inadequate sleep and what feels like a slight cold make handling my neurological issues more challenging. Thinking that’s likely doesn’t make the problems go away, but helps me deal with them.

Maybe next week will be better. Or it might be worse. Or pretty much the same. Either way, I’ll keep going. And, I hope, writing. I’ve talked about that, and other stuff, before:

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About Brian H. Gill

I was born in 1951. I'm a husband, father and grandfather. One of the kids graduated from college in December, 2008, and is helping her husband run businesses and raise my granddaughter; another is a cartoonist and artist; #3 daughter is a writer; my son is developing a digital game with #3 and #1 daughters. I'm also a writer and artist.
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4 Responses to A Fogbound Writer

  1. Wishing you well and also good rest and sleep.

    I’ve been finding it difficult to sleep lately; perhaps it’s the hot weather we’ve been having. Also, I wake up and find my feet sticking out of the end of the bed. Either the bed is shrinking or I am getting taller all of a sudden. Can’t work out which.

    God bless.

  2. Peggy Haslar says:

    “I’ll keep going.” Words of resolution and hope and the mainstay of resilience. When anyone admits a struggle and says these words, we all get stronger. So thank you. And here’s hope that stressors lighten and distractions dwindle.

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