Webcam: Sauk Centre MN

My corner of small town America, deep in the heart of darkest Minnesota. You’re seeing part of Sauk Centre’s south side, about halfway between the Interstate and downtown.

“To See What’s Happening Now…”

This almost-live webcam may take a few seconds to load. When it does, it’ll probably show whatever was ‘live’ the last time you used it. That’s what happens on my system.

To see what’s happening now, I click the ‘play’ icon, let the ‘replay’ start, refresh the page and click ‘play’ again.

Maybe there’s another, less-irksome way.

If there is, I haven’t found it. I’m also looking for an alternative to the YouTube service I’m using, and that’s another topic.

If the webcam is offline, I will have it working again as soon as I can. Depending on what happened, that could take minutes, days — or longer.

I’d call this a ‘live stream,’ but at best it’s what the webcam sent a few seconds ago.

YouTube’s service, this blog’s WordPress software and my computer’s system cooperate: but at an unhurried pace.

If you’re fed up with this page, but still want to see Sauk Centre, try viewing my YouTube Live Stream: Brian Gill Live Stream. (“My corner of small town America: Sauk Centre, Minnesota”)

Sauk Centre is on Interstate 94, halfway between Minneapolis and Fargo, North Dakota. The webcam looks north and west from a window near my desk.