Webcam: Sauk Centre MN

My webcam, YouTube and this page are usually on speaking terms.
Sometimes they’re not.
I’m not checking the webcam 24/7,
so it may be an hour or so before I reset the connection.
But I do check in at least a few times each day.
Thanks for watching!

April 30, 2023: May 2, 2023: My webcam (Brian Gill Live Stream) is functioning normally.
The embedded display on this page has not been working: Not for me, at any rate.
However, it apparently does work for other folks: so I’ve stopped trying to fix it.
Remember: Brian Gill Live Stream, on YouTube, should be working, even if this page’s display is not.

My corner of small town America, deep in the heart of darkest Minnesota.

You’re seeing part of Sauk Centre’s south side, about halfway between the Interstate and downtown.

I moved the webcam about a foot to your right in 2020, I didn’t jot down exactly when, so that a bush wouldn’t fill a third of the screen.

Good news, the bush no longer obstructs your view.

Not-so-good news, summer leaves pulled a tree’s branches down: obstructing the top third of your view, and then some.

Lowering the webcam would have it looking through the window’s screen.

I’ve been thinking about solutions to the ‘summer leaves’ issue. Without success, so far. But I’ll keep thinking.

“To See What’s Happening Now…”

If this almost-live webcam is displaying what you’ve seen before, try reloading this page.

Or try viewing my YouTube Live Stream: Sauk Centre. (“My corner of small town America: Sauk Centre, Minnesota”)

If the webcam is offline, I will have it working again as soon as I can.

Depending on what happened, that could take minutes, days — or longer.

I’d call this a ‘live stream,’ but at best it’s what the webcam sent a few seconds ago.

YouTube’s service, this blog’s WordPress software and my computer’s system cooperate: but at an unhurried pace.

Sauk Centre is on Interstate 94, halfway between Minneapolis and Fargo, North Dakota.

The webcam looks north and west from a window near my desk.

My Sauk Centre Webcam is Back: For Now

November 11, 2019.

This webcam is online again: for the moment, at any rate.

I may or may not have uncovered and corrected whatever was keeping you — and me — from viewing my webcam through YouTube.

Whether it keeps running for minutes, days, or (I hope) much longer remains to be seen.

Many frustrating months of technical issues may be over.

Glitchy, Again: or Still

Late 2018-November 2019.

YoutTube’s system seems to think I’m trying to record my webcam’s feed. And won’t show the ‘recording:’ to me or anyone else, apparently.

There may or may not be a solution to the SNAFU with YouTube. Either way, I can’t coax the system to showing you anything from Sauk Centre’s south side.

There probably is a solution. When, and if, I find it: this webcam will be back online.

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