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Jolo: Bombs at the Cathedral

Jolo’s Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish lost 15 of its members Sunday morning. They stopped living when a bomb shredded part of the cathedral. Maybe they survived the first blast, but not the second. Either way, they’re dead. So … Continue reading

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An Exomoon, Science and Truth

Kepler-1625b, a gas giant more massive than Jupiter, may have a moon. A big one: nearly Neptune’s size. Scientists still aren’t sure that the exomoon exists. If it does, they have another puzzle: figuring out how it formed. I started … Continue reading

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Science, Faith, and Me

This universe is bigger and older than some folks thought, a few centuries back. I don’t mind, at all. Besides, it’s hardly new information. We’ve known that we live in a big world for a long time. “Indeed, before you … Continue reading

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Bomb in Bloomington

Update (September 18, 2017) News coverage of this incident followed a familiar pattern, reaching the political stage after about a week. I haven’t read anything for a little over a month, apart from a few remakes of the original stories. … Continue reading

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