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Power and Climate

Pope Francis told oil company executives what he thinks about clean energy, climate change and social justice. What he said reminded me of London’s pea soup fog, horses, smog and why we have environmental laws. I’ve seen several published reactions … Continue reading

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Changing Rules

Today’s tech and social norms aren’t what they were in my youth. It’s exciting. Or bewildering. Or unstable. Or dynamic. or any of a myriad other options. Change happens, even if I don’t approve. What matters is making good choices. … Continue reading

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Bah! Humbug?

‘Tis the season to kvetch about Christmas: because it’s too commercial, too religious, or whatever. I won’t do that. I’ll look at why we celebrate instead. Also Scrooge and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Besides, I think enjoying the holiday and … Continue reading

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Advent: Our Long Watch

‘Tis the season for frantic shopping, eye-popping light shows in suburban front yards, and Christmas television specials. It’s also the start of Advent. This is a season when we look back at ancient hopes for a Messiah, and our Lord’s … Continue reading

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