Science AND Religion

Science and religion? More about that in Seeking Truth, below.

Seeking Truth

It’s science and religion, faith and reason.

I see no problem with seeking truth that we find in this universe and seeking truth’s source. Honest research cannot interfere with an informed faith. Not for a Catholic, at any rate.

Seeking truth and seeking God are compatible. So are faith and reason. I thought this was true before I became a Catholic, and still do. More importantly, that’s what the Church says. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 35, 50, 154, 274, 283, 1706)

For a Catholic, faith should be consciously embracing “the whole truth that God has revealed.” (Catechism, 142-150)

We find truth in the Bible. That’s one reason we’re expected to study the Scriptures. (Catechism, 101-133)

We also find truth in the natural world’s order and beauty. (Catechism, 32, 41, 74, 283, 341, 2500)

I believe that God creates everything: the physical realities studied by science and the spiritual realities that faith pursues. (Catechism, Prologue, 27, 74, 214-217, more under Truth in the Catechism’s index)

Believing this while fearing knowledge of God’s world would be — illogical.

“…God, the Creator and Ruler of all things, is also the Author of the Scriptures – and that therefore nothing can be proved either by physical science or archaeology which can really contradict the Scriptures. … Even if the difficulty is after all not cleared up and the discrepancy seems to remain, the contest must not be abandoned; truth cannot contradict truth….”
(“Providentissimus Deus,” Pope Leo XIII (November 18, 1893) [emphasis mine])

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