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Arthur's Home

Naomi Gill

Beauty, splendor have I seen
In that palace by the stream.
Graceful, swan-necked turrets tall.
The windows, diamonds in the wall.
Oh. Could it be? Is it true
That what's so old seems so new?
Now, put your hand through the stone.
The hall's all air, so is the throne.
Past the illusion, past the dream,
Lies the hill-fort worn and mean.
Rain makes mud of the rocky path
As men hide from the Saxon's wrath.
“This is Camelot?” someone asked.
“Arthur's home in days gone past?”
“Yes, my dear.” The illusion's gone.
“Here he lived before Avalon.”

I wrote this poem after reading the introduction to the poetry book required for my Freshman English class. It mentioned the Arthurian romances, which, of course, reminded me how annoying I found them. They were so fake. The film renditions of the legend were even worse. Fairy palaces of silk and mist surrounded by perfect gardens. I had very little interest in the Arthurian legend until I ran across some books in Grandpa Gill's study. In them I learned that Arthur was quite likely real, and that the place he lived was too. Hill-forts made of dirt and massive stones. Battles. Mud and blood running together over the bodies. The story of Arthur wasn't a fairy tale, it was real!

copyright © Naomi Gill 2002

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9/11/2002, 2005 Arthur's Home
by Naomi Gill
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