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All Seasons

Don't say I didn't warn you! This is an amateur photo album.

I like living in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, and took a few pictures. Well, actually, more than a few. I discovered the possibilities of these single-use cameras and recorded visual impressions of street lights, parks, sidewalks, trees, playground equipment, autumn foliage, winter landscapes, and the sludge of spring.

Since I don't think you like endless downloads any better than I do, I weeded out all but the better pictures, spread them out a little, and made thumbnail samples.

Summer Fall
Winter Spring

A word or two about technical details and creativity: I've noticed that photographers like to discuss their equipment, and exactly how they took their pictures. With that in mind, I've added the next paragraphs.

Amateur photography album, or picture gallery, might be classier names for this collection, but I don't have the budget for "serious" photography.

These pictures represent what can be done with those single-use cameras. I've found that the ones I use have a much wider-angle lens than my old 35mm reflex. For my purposes, this is an advantage, because it was often difficult to get far enough away from my subjects with the "better" camera. Once the pictures are taken, I have them processed downtown. Then I scan the prints with a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 5200C and use Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 for cropping and the occasional balance-and-sharpen.

Although my picture-taking equipment is the sort you can buy in most convenience stores, I've tried to apply what I've studied about composition and form: and it helps to be surrounded by a visually rich environment like this small town.

I doubt that this collection of amateur photography is the sort of thing that the Greek philosophers had in mind when they debated Truth and Beauty, but I've tried to record some of both here. I hope that you enjoy this picture album.

Brian H. Gill



Photos on these pages are copyright Brian H. Gill 2001-2004, unless otherwise noted.

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