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A Catholic Citizen in America

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My World

Following Catholic beliefs and practices in America: One man's experience

Micro-reviews, plus the occasional rant, each Friday:
Technical difficulties, the nature of the universe, and whim permitting

Small town life, the way it is in this central Minnesota town

A Webcam's blog
From the heart of darkest Minnesota: my view of small town America


Notes and ruminations of a writer, recapturing traces of a decades-old dream

Small town life, the way it never was

A blog entirely devoted to the Narcissus-X blog and Narcissis-X,
the blogger who blogs on Narcissus-X, about Narcissus-X


Raising a family and writing blogs in small town America

Grilling year-round with simple equipment and almost no skill


A view of the war on terrorism, by a former historian and English teacher living in outstate Minnesota


The continuing adventure of publishing online....
Or, getting laid off for fun and profit
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