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A Gallimaufry: Politics and Prayer, A Dragon and Turkeys

I woke up this morning, which is always a good thing. My memory tells me that Friday night, January 1, I didn’t sleep. At all. Maybe I dropped off for a few minutes to an hour, but even then I … Continue reading

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Another Wednesday: Reading, Wondering and Writing

Wednesday is one of my ‘busy’ days. Busy, by the standards of some retired guy living in central Minnesota. Monday was a ‘busy’ day this week, too: thanks to an appointment at the eye clinic Monday morning. My task glasses’ … Continue reading

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Waiting on a Dead World: Science and Being Human

Instead of writing about Halloween, I’ll share a seasonally-appropriate story and talk about science, death being human: Waiting on a Dead World Inspiration and Stellar Evolution Still Seeking a Solar System Analog Metaphors and the Lives of Stars Sirius, Procyon … Continue reading

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New on Blogroll+

Many ‘how to’ books about writing and getting published say that there’s more to writing than — well, than writing. Part of that “more” is letting folks know about the writer and what the writer’s been writing. That’s an awkward … Continue reading

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