Brigid's World

Welcome to Brigid's World. The Stearns County Fair is over, for those of you who saw my site earlier. Still haven't got a shopping cart, but I'm working on it. Slowly.

I'm also working on being able to accept commissions. One of the first steps will be getting a contact page, courtesy of my Dad.

Here are some samples of my artwork. Click on the thumbnails or the titles underneath for a larger view.

watching twisted oak brigid of kildare ribbon girl
Watching Twisted Oak Brigid of Kildare Ribbon Girl
ready for a fight anime girl celtic monk experiment in crosshatching
Ready For a Fight Anime Girl Celtic Monk Experiment in Crosshatching
bird girl dragon near infinity
Bird Girl Dragon Near Infinity Drifting Boy

I have a Livejournal account! Now updates to Brigid's World will be noted here, as well as a lot of random stuff. Feel free to post comments and join in any discussions that arise. I just ask that you keep it clean and friendly.

Have fun!

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