Technical Issues

There may not be a ‘Friday’ post this week: or a ‘Sunday’ one.

I’ve got both started, but probably won’t get either finished in time. I’m not even sure that this short, text-only, post will get online.

That’s frustrating, but there isn’t much I can do about it. Sorry about that.

Technical Problems

I have more computer/Internet/technical know-how than most folks my age, but don’t try to maintain my own server.

The hosting service I use generally keeps things running smoothly, but this week is an exception.

Starting some time late Sunday, this blog and other resources on the Brendan’s Island website were unavailable: loading with glacial deliberation, or not loading at all.

Loading speed has been improving, and now (just before noon here in Minnesota) seems more like molasses in January. That’s still too slow for me to get much done, and some of my image resources still won’t load at all.

I don’t know what’s wrong, but apparently the trouble isn’t at my end. That’s good news, in a way, since it means I don’t have to work at identifying and resolving the issue(s).

It is, however, frustrating.

My plan is to keep checking the blog and resources, to see if the issue(s) have been resolved; and treat this as an unplanned vacation.

Again, sorry about not having anything to show: and I hope next week will be better,

Happy New Year!

About Brian H. Gill

I'm a sixty-something married guy with six kids, four surviving, in a small central Minnesota town. I mostly write and make digital art. I'm only interested in three things: that which exists within the universe; that which exists beyond; and that which might exist.
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