Technical Issue March 17, 2018

You may not see this week’s ‘Sunday’ post as soon as you usually do.

I have been unable to reliably connect with this blog’s website for the last few days. I don’t know why, and continue to find both short-term and longer-term solutions to the issue.

Sorry about that.


It’s now later on Saturday, March 17.

I’ll try to get this ‘technical issue’ statement visible, and delay the ‘Sunday’ post until another day. That’ll be a bit easier on my nerves. It should also help with the post’s quality. It still needs work.

About Brian H. Gill

I'm a sixty-something married guy with six kids, four surviving, in a small central Minnesota town. I mostly write and make digital art. I'm only interested in three things: that which exists within the universe; that which exists beyond; and that which might exist.
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