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Just for Fun: Where is Otis?

While looking for a parking space in the Walmart lot, I ran into — no, that’s not right. I noticed a hand-painted trailer with “WhereIsOtis.blog” emblazoned on the back. I pulled into an empty parking space, and started looking for … Continue reading

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Off Schedule, and Loving It

I re-organized some of A Catholic Citizen in America’s pages today, and — I hope — made the navigation menus more useful. In the process, I removed some text that’d been cluttering one page. On the off-chance that you’re interested, … Continue reading

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Hubris, Stories, and That Which Might Exist

My view of legacies and smudged footnotes, Homer and hubris, Continue reading

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Weekend

I started writing about a Florida fish farm that’s raising salmon for American groceries. Salmon don’t live in Florida’s lakes and rivers. The water’s too warm. Besides, they only spend part of their lives in fresh water. That’s why the … Continue reading

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