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COVID-19 and People Who Need People, Another Year

It’s been a year and a day since I talked about socializing, the pandemic and individual differences. “…I can sympathize with folks who really do need people: people who are physically close, not ‘close’ only in a virtual sense. I’m … Continue reading

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Reading, Writing, Preferences, Priorities, and Acts 1:8

I enjoy reading. Some folks don’t. I have no idea what fraction of readers boast of their bookish practices. Or how many non-readers argue that reading is a waste of time. Apart, perhaps, from their occasional dip into a how-2 … Continue reading

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October 25, 2021: A Blue Day in Sauk Centre

October’s weather isn’t necessarily “bright blue,” here in the Upper Midwest. But today was a bright blue day. So I spent a little time this afternoon, sitting on the front stoop, enjoying sunshine and what autumn colors we have this … Continue reading

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New on My Blogroll+: mr o shays (Still Learning)

I’ve added “mr o shays (Still Learning)” to my link list page: Blogroll+ > Bloggers and other writers. And, while I was at it, reviewed and updated the page’s other links. Now I really should start writing. Or maybe get … Continue reading

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