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An Exomoon, Science and Truth

Kepler-1625b, a gas giant more massive than Jupiter, may have a moon. A big one: nearly Neptune’s size. Scientists still aren’t sure that the exomoon exists. If it does, they have another puzzle: figuring out how it formed. I started … Continue reading

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Death, Funerals — and Life

We celebrated my father-in-law’s funeral a week after his death. I’d planned on writing about that, and probably will. But not today. I ended up talking about funerals in general, Psalms and science — it’s about as linear as most … Continue reading

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This Week’s Scandals

Friday’s news included claims that a UN environmental protection boss and an Indian bishop have been acting badly. Maybe someone has decided that environmental protection is a fraud after they read those articles. Or at least stopped supporting outfits that … Continue reading

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Evolution and Tools

Finding stone tools isn’t remarkable. Folks have been making, and occasionally losing, tools for a long time. Scientists think folks upgraded their tech to deal with a changing climate. Or maybe someone else who had done so moved in. That … Continue reading

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