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Bomb in Bloomington

Update (September 18, 2017) News coverage of this incident followed a familiar pattern, reaching the political stage after about a week. I haven’t read anything for a little over a month, apart from a few remakes of the original stories. … Continue reading

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A Mixed Bag

I picked a mix from ‘science news’ this week: tardigrade genes, fertility fears, and what is probably the world’s oldest living culture. Folks in Western civilization have known about our neighbors in Australia for about four centuries. Understanding their beliefs … Continue reading

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Independence Day 2017

Today is American Independence Day. It’s also the anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’s inspiration, and Trois-Rivières founding day. Ashikaga Yoshiakira’s birthday, Pactum Sicardi, and whole bunch of other stuff make this day important, too. (From Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, via … Continue reading

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London Fires, Mostly

Many folks who lived in Grenfell Tower got out. Many others died. We don’t know how many. A current estimate is 79. Determining the exact number will be difficult, since high temperatures may have effectively obliterated some human remains. Some … Continue reading

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