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Fukushima Cleanup: Slow Progress

A tsunami flooded the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant eight years ago. Fires, explosions and meltdowns followed. Folks living within 20 kilometers were told to leave the area. Radiation levels are dropping. A few folks are moving back. Clearing debris and … Continue reading

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Christchurch: Headcam at the Mosques

You’ve almost certainly seen the news by now. Someone killed more than four dozen folks at a Friday afternoon prayer meeting in Christchurch, New Zealand. One attack was east of the city’s center, the other west. Both were about a … Continue reading

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Commercial Spaceflight: Another Step

The SpaceX Crew Dragon demonstration and test flight has gone well. The spacecraft returns to Earth Friday morning. Folks may be riding Crew Dragon to and from the ISS later this year. I found quite a bit about space stations, … Continue reading

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Found: a ‘Baby Planet’

Pictures of PDS 70b show a planet that’s still forming. It’s the youngest planet scientists have imaged so far. They figure studying it will help them learn more about how planetary systems develop. I think they’re right. Attitudes and assumptions … Continue reading

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