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More Disasters

The good news is that folks on the Gulf Coast probably won’t be affected by Hurricane Irma. Not directly. Cleanup and rebuilding there is taking a back seat to news of this weekend’s hurricane and Mexico’s major earthquake. I’ll be … Continue reading

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Taking God Seriously

We live in a big world. We’ve known that for a long time, and have been impressed. “How great are your works, LORD! How profound your designs!” (Psalms 92:6) But impressive as what we see is, God is greater: almighty, … Continue reading

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Old Truths, New Aspects

The biggest critters with backbones are living today: baleen whales. Finding the largest of them started getting harder about a century back. We didn’t quite drive the blue and fin whales to extinction, happily. We’re learning when they got so … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Whirligig Icebergs

Climate change is still in the news. Don’t worry, I won’t rant about impending doom, or say that Earth’s climate isn’t changing. This planet’s climate has been changing for several billion years. I’d be astounded if it stopped changing now. … Continue reading

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