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Ash Wednesday 2021: Sprinkles, Social Media and Me

Today is Ash Wednesday. The COVID-19 pandemic is still in progress, so this one will be a bit different. I’ll still get ash on my head. But instead of getting a thumb-drawn cross on my forehead, I’ll get a sprinkling … Continue reading

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Social Media, Security and Assumptions

I logged in to my Twitter account yesterday. It was the first time in months that I’d been able to log in. I could spin my experience as Twitter, Big Media, the Pixie-Leprechaun Cabal or whoever suppressing The Truth. But … Continue reading

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People Who Need People — and the COVID-19 Pandemic

A song from the Sixties has been on my brain’s Top 40 Golden Oldie Earworm list for the last week or so: “People, People who need people, Are the luckiest people in the world….” (“People;” Jule Styne, lyrics by Bob … Continue reading

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Taking to the (Digital) Streets: Advent and Social Media

I still see the occasional “REPENT, THOU WRETCHED SINNER” stuff in my social media feeds. But I very strongly suspect that fire and brimstone fundraisers are passé, and have been for decades. Maybe I’d get more attention if I ranted, … Continue reading

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