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Choosing Light or Darkness

I will live forever. Whether that’s good news or bad news is up to me. I’d say ‘it depends on me,’ but that’s not quite true. What I decide and do matters. But having an unending life in God’s presence … Continue reading

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“Imagine All the People”

Someone’s ‘Tweet’ about sin and how someone else responded showed up in my Twitter feed Sunday. I noticed an unusually goofy item in my Google news feed that evening. Instead of expressing outrage and (self?)-righteous indignation over either or both, … Continue reading

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Prepare the Way

Denouncing sin and sinful influences was a favorite activity in my youth, at least for many radio preachers and the more outraged Christian folks. I think they were sincere. Their antics started me thinking, which eventually led me to become … Continue reading

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Death in Las Vegas, and Life

Update, January 19, 2018: The investigation is still in progress. So far it looks like the person who decided to kill others acted on his own, paid for everything used, and left no obvious clue for his reasons. I could … Continue reading

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