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Trust and Mercy

Divine Mercy Sunday: Acts 4:32–35 1 John 5:1–6 John 20:19–31 (April 8, 2018; this homily is from April 7, 2002) Divine Mercy Sunday, 2018 By Deacon Lawrence N. Kaas April 8, 2018 (originally April 7, 2002) 20 years ago we … Continue reading

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Choosing Light or Darkness

I will live forever. Whether that’s good news or bad news is up to me. I’d say ‘it depends on me,’ but that’s not quite true. What I decide and do matters. But having an unending life in God’s presence … Continue reading

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“Imagine All the People”

Someone’s ‘Tweet’ about sin and how someone else responded showed up in my Twitter feed Sunday. I noticed an unusually goofy item in my Google news feed that evening. Instead of expressing outrage and (self?)-righteous indignation over either or both, … Continue reading

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Prepare the Way

Denouncing sin and sinful influences was a favorite activity in my youth, at least for many radio preachers and the more outraged Christian folks. I think they were sincere. Their antics started me thinking, which eventually led me to become … Continue reading

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