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Truth and Love

I take God very seriously. I also think people matter. I care deeply about truth and love. By some standards this isn’t a particularly “religious” blog. For one thing, I keep saying that loving my neighbor and seeing everybody as … Continue reading

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Looking for Life: Enceladus and Gliese 1132 b

We haven’t found life on — or in — Enceladus. But we’ve found organic compounds in the Saturnian moon’s salt-water geysers. Scientists detected an atmosphere around Gliese 1132 b, a planet about 39 light-years away. It’s Earth-like, in terms of … Continue reading

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Life, Death, and Choices

Last week’s Gospel reading, Matthew 2:1–12, ends with a sort of cliffhanger. “Magi from the east” arrived in Bethlehem, found our Lord’s house, and paid their respects: “They were overjoyed at seeing the star, “5 and on entering the house … Continue reading

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Hating People: Not an Option

This showed up in today’s news: “Twitter finds new ways to put hate speech on mute” (CNET) “Twitter Adds New Ways to Curb Abuse and Hate Speech” (The New York Times) CNET’s piece quoted part of this Twitter blog post: … Continue reading

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