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I’ll be talking about miracles today. Also religious art and kitsch, the Mayan apocalypse, and why folks occasionally see faces that aren’t there. Even by my standards, this post rambles a bit. Quite a few folks act as if they … Continue reading

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Still Rejoicing

My father reminded me of this good advice when I was in my teens: “…whatever is true, … whatever is lovely, … think about these things.” My response was something like ‘…because they won’t last.’ I wasn’t happy about saying … Continue reading

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Truth and Love

I take God very seriously. I also think people matter. I care deeply about truth and love. By some standards this isn’t a particularly “religious” blog. For one thing, I keep saying that loving my neighbor and seeing everybody as … Continue reading

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Looking for Life: Enceladus and Gliese 1132 b

We haven’t found life on — or in — Enceladus. But we’ve found organic compounds in the Saturnian moon’s salt-water geysers. Scientists detected an atmosphere around Gliese 1132 b, a planet about 39 light-years away. It’s Earth-like, in terms of … Continue reading

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