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Anxiety Optional

Today’s second reading from Philippians 4 says to have “no anxiety at all,” praise God, and “make your requests known to God.” Then we’ll have “the peace of God….” “Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and … Continue reading

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“Raving Politics”

Quite a few parts of the Bible don’t talk about forgiveness. But quite a few do, and they’re not just in the New Testament. This morning’s second reading doesn’t mention forgiveness directly, but the verse right after it does. They … Continue reading

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Misusing Opioids

“Crisis” or not, opioid overdose is a problem. A lethal one, sometimes. We’ve used one opioid, opium, for millennia. Others have been developed during my lifetime. They’re all useful: and dangerous if misused. Drugs in the 19th century “Laughing Gas” … Continue reading

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Still Rejoicing

My father reminded me of this good advice when I was in my teens: “…whatever is true, … whatever is lovely, … think about these things.” My response was something like ‘…because they won’t last.’ I wasn’t happy about saying … Continue reading

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