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Couney’s Baby Incubators vs. the Progressive Era

(Babies under glass at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific-Exposition, Seattle, Washington. (1909)) Martin A. Couney was not your typical Progressive Era American doctor. For one thing, Couney may not have been an officially-approved doctor. He said that he’d studied under Dr Pierre-Constant Budin. … Continue reading

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Life and Death, Laws and Principles

On the whole, I prefer being alive. Particularly when I consider the alternative. I don’t consistently enjoy the moment I’m in: whatever is “now.” Relishing some of the “nows” I’ve experienced would have been reason for concern, and that’s another … Continue reading

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New COVID-19 Vaccines: Goodish News, Ethical Issues

The first shipments of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine arrived in America this week. Folks are getting immunized, including health care workers. I think that’s good news. But the pandemic isn’t over yet. This year’s New Year’s Eve street party in NYC’s … Continue reading

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Election-Year Weirdness: An American Tradition

A presidential election is looming in my country. We have one every four years. Maybe I’d get more attention by demonizing or deifying a candidate. Or saying that nobody should vote, because “they” put subliminal messages in ballots. Oddly enough, … Continue reading

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