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Holy Week: Staying Home

Holy Week starts tomorrow. Together with Easter, it’s the high point of the Catholic calendar. I’d be going to Our Lady of the Angels — the parish church — on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday AKA Holy Thursday, Good Friday and … Continue reading

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A Goal for Lent

Lent starts March 6 this year. It’s a time for abstinence, prayer and penance, among other things, which is why we’ve got rules about Fridays and fish. Following “fish” rules to the letter, I could splurge on lobster thermidor each … Continue reading

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Lent: Not Doing Too Much

Quite a bit happened this week. We started Lent’s 40-day stay with our Lord in the desert. Not literally. That’s mentioned in today’s Gospel: Mark 1:12–15. I’ve talked about deserts and Deuteronomy, penance and porridge, before. (February 11, 2018; February … Continue reading

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Skydiving and Lent

Lent is fast approaching. How I see it and what I do is up to me. Ash Wednesday is next week, so I don’t have much time to decide. Christians, Catholic and otherwise, in my culture generally change what we … Continue reading

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