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Christmas: Still Celebrating

Christmas comes but once a year. It’s a time for exchanging gifts, family get-togethers and awkward office parties. December is a time for joyous preparation, frazzled shopping and holiday-themed music. It’s “Santa’s big scene.” Children see their first Christmas window … Continue reading

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10 Poems

Perspectives Fairy wishes and toxic kisses, We hope and fear and dream. Life and thought and feeling passes. Looking back, I see what was. Ahead? I’ll see that later. (November 18, 2019) Quiet Neighborhood Still water, small lawn, a few … Continue reading

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Sickness, Death, God, Love and Questions

Just when you thought it was safe to grow up — Folks in their 20s may run afoul of a quarter-life crisis: the doubt and disappointment of student loans, dull careers and iffy relationships. Others learn that they’re terminally ill. … Continue reading

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Some folks act as if they think physical reality is bad and having a body is icky. The notion’s ‘Biblical,’ sort of. Galatians 5:19 through 21 call bad ideas like licentiousness, hatreds and idolatry “works of the flesh.” With a … Continue reading

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