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Ammonites, Dinosaurs, and Us

Today’s world is remarkable for a lack of dinosaurs. Big ones, anyway. Those critters would have been among the first things someone would notice here for upwards of 200,000,000 years. Then, about 66,000,000 years back, something awful happened. The only … Continue reading

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Anger and Whitewashed Tombs

There’s a lot of anger online these days. Derogatory epithets1 getting spat back and forth on some social media give me that impression, anyway. Getting angry is one thing. Staying angry is another. Hurling insults — brings me to part … Continue reading

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Hate, Justice, Forgiveness

Islamic centers in California got hate mail recently. At least one of the letters was addressed “To the Children of Satan,” and started with “You muslims [!] are a vile and filthy people….”1 Details are new, but the attitude is … Continue reading

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