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Advent 2021: Another Year of Our Long Watch

It’s that time of year. Daily reminders of how many shopping days remain before Christmas fill some with dread, others with relief. Folks enjoy, endure or try to ignore another season of “Jingle Bells,” “Santa Baby” and “Frosty the Snowman.” … Continue reading

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Jesus, the Ultimate Alpha: a Personal View

I was a Christian long before I became a Catholic Christian, and that’s another topic. Topics. The point is, I’ve been trying to follow Jesus ever since I was a child. Somewhere along the line, I started noticing a disconnect … Continue reading

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Holy Week: Top of the Charts to Lethal Fiasco

It’s the start of Holy Week, almost the end of Lent. And it’s the 219th anniversary of Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers spotting 2 Pallas, an asteroid. But that’s not what I’m talking about today. Today’s Palm Sunday. That’s when we … Continue reading

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Christmas, 2020: I’m Glad to Be Here

(My corner of small town America around noon, Christmas Eve.) It’s Christmas Eve afternoon here in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Weather, Wind Chill, Memory and Deciding Wednesday’s blizzard became a wind chill advisory, which has since retreated to lands north and … Continue reading

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