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COVID-19, Cells, Viruses and mRNA Vaccines

I’ll be talking about mRNA vaccines and COVID-19. And why I’ll willingly wait for my vaccination, but think the new vaccines are a good idea. But first, I’ll look at news, weirdness and a little history. In the News: Prospects … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2020: Pandemic Peril and Perspectives

This year’s Thanksgiving is the first one affected by COVID-19. Mainly because SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, didn’t exist a year ago. Or hadn’t spread to humans. Or was spreading to humans without anyone noticing it. Whatever was happening last … Continue reading

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Arecibo Radio Telescope 1963-2020

Update (December 1, 2020) “Arecibo telescope collapses, ending 57-year run” Eric Hand, Science Magazine (December 1, 2020) “The Arecibo Observatory is gone. Its 900-ton instrument platform, suspended above a dish in the karst hills of Puerto Rico, collapsed this morning, … Continue reading

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Religion and Science: Different Paths to Reality

Scientific discoveries haven’t threatened my faith. I don’t see how they could, since I think that reality and truth exist. And that they’re real. In other words, I think I’m not a figment of your imagination and that we live … Continue reading

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