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Beirut Blast: Ammonium Nitrate and Human Nature

Update (August 12, 2020) “Beirut port resumes partial operations a week after explosion” Al Jazeera (August 12, 2020) “…According to Lebanon’s caretaker economy minister, the port is now operating to unload vessels for merchants. “‘There are 12 cranes out of … Continue reading

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Floyd, Signs and Statues

Derek Chauvin, a police officer, killed George Floyd about a month ago. I don’t know whether a court will call that homicide a murder, or assign some other label. I do know that there was and is no apparent excuse … Continue reading

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Something Wonderful

(St. Paul’s church in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Mass times for 2020 Easter’s live video.) I’ve written about our Lord’s execution and death a few times. But not, if memory serves, leading with an excerpt from the fourth paragraph of “A … Continue reading

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Pandemic Perspectives

COVID-19, a coronavirus disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, is still spreading. Thousands have died. Nearly 900,000 have been infected. A great many more are affected, directly or indirectly. Some are behaving badly. We cannot cure this disease. We can … Continue reading

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