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Pope Francis in Iraq: Peace, Prayer and a Sign of Hope

I’ve been listening to Vatican News coverage of the Pope’s trip to Iraq. Watching, too. All 53 minutes and 42 seconds of that video. I’d have preferred seeing more of the medal presented to Iraqi authorities. And the speeches were … Continue reading

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Christopher Marlowe and His World

I’d started writing about soliloquies in Marlowe’s “Dr. Faustus….” That reminded me of film noir and the Gunpowder Plot. So today I’ll be discussing Christopher Marlowe, but mostly his era: Elizabethan England. Along with European politics and whatever else comes … Continue reading

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Perseverance Landing: Pictures From JPL and Mars

Picking up where I left off yesterday, Perseverance is on Mars. The UAE’s Hope (Misabar Al Amal) and China’s Tianwen-1 had already arrived. Misabar Al Amal is historically important. It’s the UAE’s first Mars orbiter. But today I’ll be talking … Continue reading

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Another Saint, a Riot and Mark 7:15

Yesterday’s headlines oozed acrimony, animosity and anger. So do today’s. It could be worse. I could have been reading about a replay of Oxford’s St. Scholastica Day riot. I’ll get back to that. February 10th is the Memorial of Saint … Continue reading

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