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Alabaster Cities, Fireworks, a Condo Disaster and Tears

Patriotism comes in many flavors: cheesy, sour, salty: and that’s enough ‘flavor.’ Maybe too much. My country’s Independence Day celebration, our Fourth of July, started me thinking about patriotism. Also screwball notions, drought and Florida’s pancaked condo. But mostly, the … Continue reading

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I am Not Samuel: But I’m Someone

Today’s first reading, 1 Samuel 3 3b:–10, 19, talks about ‘Samuel’s call.’ That’s the time God called Samuel. Several times. Finally, on call number three, Samuel said “Speak, for your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:10) So, what’s that to … Continue reading

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Wheat, Tares, Fear of the Lord and Working on Wisdom

(Now that I have your attention.) Last Sunday’s homily included mention of the ‘wheat and tares’ parable. Or was it Sunday before last? Either way, that parable didn’t fit the Gospel reading. But the off-season reference put wheat, weeds and … Continue reading

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Back at Mass

It’s been about four months since I’ve been at Mass. I don’t like that. But I see no point in kvetching about the COVID-19 pandemic, or blaming Minnesota’s governor for trying to keep Minnesotans alive, or our bishop for cooperating … Continue reading

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