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The Speckled Axe

I’m a perfectionist, a frustrated one. Somewhere between childhood and adolescence, I felt that if adequacy had a numeric value, it’d be greater than two and less than one; or something equally impossible. More accurately, I felt as if that … Continue reading

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Pesticides in the Water

I live on Earth, so caring about what happens here makes sense. I’ve talked about enlightened self-interest, Yeats, Ehrlich, and getting a grip, before. Often, actually. (February 17, 2017; January 20, 2017; September 16, 2016; August 12, 2016) A news … Continue reading

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Family Names

Update (April 21, 2017) Not everyone is happy about this decision, understandably. I still think their choice of name is imprudent. However, I also think that a government’s legitimate interests do not include a need to tell parents what name … Continue reading

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DNA and Cancer

Apparently quiet a few sorts of cancer ‘just happen,’ no matter how much fiber we eat, how much we don’t smoke, and how far we run each day. Or exercise, in my case. Thanks in part to now-replaced defective hips, … Continue reading

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