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London: Death, Hope, and Love

This is bad, but could have been much worse. Yesterday evening, starting around 10:00, three people in a van drove across London Bridge, deliberately running down pedestrians.1 After crossing the bridge, they left the van and attacked folks out for … Continue reading

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“The Federation of the World”

Tennyson said “Locksley Hall” expresses “…young life, its good side, its deficiencies, and its yearnings.” I’m inclined to believe him, partly because I was young when I first read the poem. A half-century later, these are still among my favorite … Continue reading

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Good Intentions

Variations on “dead men tell no tales” go back at least to 1560 or thereabouts in my language. The idea is much older.1 As advice goes, it’s arguably flawed. Folks who are dead aren’t chatty, but their bodies occasionally pop … Continue reading

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Emmaus: Looking Back and Ahead

We hear about the ‘road to Emmaus’ event in today’s Gospel, Luke 24:13–35. There’s been speculation about why folks didn’t recognized Jesus at first, after Golgotha. It wasn’t just the ‘road to Emmaus’ thing. Paul lists some of our Lord’s … Continue reading

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