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Pax Romana: Good Times, Remembered

“…the glory that was Greece,And the grandeur that was Rome….”(“To Helen,” Edgar Allen Poe (1845) via Wikipedia) I don’t yearn for ‘the good old days’ of my youth, or for more remote golden ages. My memory’s too good, and I’ve … Continue reading

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War, Peace and a Civilization of Love

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day. In my country, it’s a time to remember folks who have served in America’s military. Today I’ll talk about why countries have military forces, and why I think it’s a good idea. Even though I don’t … Continue reading

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Climate, Neighbors, Bogeymen and Responsibility

Last weekend I started re-reading “Laudato si’, on care for our common home,” AKA the “environmental encyclical” and the “Green Encyclical,” by Pope Francis. Calling the 2015 encyclical “green” and “environmental” isn’t mere marketing. But there’s more to “Laudato si’” … Continue reading

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