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Faith, Feelings and a Viral Video

I’m quite sure something happened in Washington DC last Friday. What happened isn’t so certain. Someone posted an edited video that went viral. There’s been outrage, apologies, and additional footage found that may not support the outrage. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Living With Consequences

I’ve missed one morning set, and several of the evening prayer sequences, in the routine I started February 13. (February 19, 2017) I’m doing a little better so far with the Lenten Chaplet. I started that Ash Wednesday. Emphasis on … Continue reading

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Life, Death, and Choices

Last week’s Gospel reading, Matthew 2:1–12, ends with a sort of cliffhanger. “Magi from the east” arrived in Bethlehem, found our Lord’s house, and paid their respects: “They were overjoyed at seeing the star, “5 and on entering the house … Continue reading

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Satan Didn’t Make Me Do It

Depending on who you listen to, Satan prowls Earth’s surface, lives in the White House, lurks in Hell, or doesn’t exist. About Satan and devils in general, I think C. S. Lewis made a good point: “…There are two equal … Continue reading

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