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Wheat, Tares, Fear of the Lord and Working on Wisdom

(Now that I have your attention.) Last Sunday’s homily included mention of the ‘wheat and tares’ parable. Or was it Sunday before last? Either way, that parable didn’t fit the Gospel reading. But the off-season reference put wheat, weeds and … Continue reading

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Joy and Shadow, Free Will and Something Silly

Advent started November 29, a couple Sundays back. It’s my faith’s Christmas warmup. I’ll get back to that. My culture’s Christmas begins after Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Our traditionally-frenzied holiday shopping season does, at any rate. This year’s liturgical Christmas … Continue reading

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A High Standard

Three folks on a streetcar in Utrecht, Netherlands, didn’t get off. Not alive. Someone, maybe the man in that picture, killed them. He’s been caught, apparently no more bodies have been found, and that’s as much as I know so … Continue reading

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