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Remembering the Good Shepherd

Fourth Sunday of Easter 2010; May 15, 2011: Acts 2:14a, 36–41 1 Peter 2:20b–25 John 10:1–10 St. Isidore, the Domestic Church, and the Good Shepherd I want to share with you three main topics: St Isidore, something concerning the Domestic … Continue reading

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Estate Sale

The house where my wife grew up is empty now. The family has been dealing with what my father-in-law left behind when he died. My wife’s been contacting folks who had clocks and watches waiting to be repaired. That, and … Continue reading

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Arrivals and Departures

Light and dark, green and brown. Crescent moon, textured memories. Past is done, a quiet present. What was, will be. Their now Is yet to come. This blog now has a new category, poems; a sort of cousin-category to narratives. … Continue reading

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Where Have All the People Gone?

The average woman is having fewer kids today than her counterpart 50 years ago. Birth rates in about half the world’s nations are below replacement levels. I don’t think humanity is doomed, partly because folks in the other half are … Continue reading

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