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Mostly Good News: New Computer For Me

My wife and son are giving me a new computer. It’s both a wedding anniversary present, and a much-needed upgrade. That’s good news. More good news, at least from my viewpoint: I decided that it is financially possible to upgrade … Continue reading

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Norbert Nerdly Rides Again: Keyboard Concerns

(Norbert Nerdly — my frustrations, personified.) I had finished last week’s discussion of crossword mania and the end of civilization before the trouble started. That’s part of the good news. Then my computer’s operating system told me it was time … Continue reading

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Health and Surfside Condo Collapse: Siloam Scenarios

Sunday’s rain dampened Sauk Centre’s streets, but delivered under four tenths of an inch. That’s been good for our weeds, and for grass next to sidewalks. But it’s nowhere near the two or three inches we need to get back … Continue reading

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The Unmasked Minnesotan’s Second COVID-19 Shot

…I don’t live in a perfect world. So I do what I can, try not to fret about what I can’t, and pay attention to what my bishops say…. Continue reading

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