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TESS, Three Stars and a Planet’s Odd Orbit

Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), a robotic observatory, began watching 200,000 nearby stars on August 7, 2018. So far, scientists have found more than 2,200 TESS Objects of Interest (TOI). Of these, again so far, 154 have turned out to … Continue reading

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Plans, Prescriptions, an Exoplanet and Me

I only wrote 18 words for my current “Dr Faustus” post yesterday. Partly because the screen went black around mid-afternoon. On the bright side, my computer did reboot. Eventually. My plan for today is to get this journal entry finished, … Continue reading

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Seeking Strange New Worlds, Life and Civilizations

I noticed “Research sheds new light on intelligent life existing across the galaxy” in last year’s science news headlines. That, and “‘Mirror Image’ of the Earth and Sun Discovered 3000 Light-Years Away,” started me writing about exoplanets, SETI and vaguely-related … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Science News Stories For 2020

I’m seeing “The Best of,” “Top 10” and “2020 Top” headlines in my news feed: as usual for late December. Instead of waiting for someone else to highlight this year’s science news stories, I’m making my own ‘top 10’ list. … Continue reading

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