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Found: a ‘Baby Planet’

Pictures of PDS 70b show a planet that’s still forming. It’s the youngest planet scientists have imaged so far. They figure studying it will help them learn more about how planetary systems develop. I think they’re right. Attitudes and assumptions … Continue reading

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Oxygen, Alien Life

We haven’t found extraterrestrial life. But we’re still finding planets circling other stars. Thousands of them. Some of those planets couldn’t possibly support life as we know it. But some might. Atomic oxygen may be a good biosignature: evidence of … Continue reading

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Still Seeking Earth 2.0

We’ve known about 55 Cancri e since 2004. It may have lakes and rivers of lava. But that’s probably not what keeps its night side hot enough to melt copper. Ross 128 b, discovered this year, is a bit more … Continue reading

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Visitor from the Stars

Scientists thought ‘Oumuamua was a comet when they spotted it last month. Follow-up observations showed it was more like an asteroid: and going too fast to be from the solar system. ‘Oumuamua is from interstellar space. It’s the first object … Continue reading

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