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Veterans Day 2017

Tomorrow is Veterans Day in my country. It’s a national holiday, related to Armistice Day, Remembrance Day and Volkstrauertag. I’ll be talking mostly about what’s happened since 1914, why I don’t fear the future, and what I think we can … Continue reading

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Editing Genes, Ethically

Scientists at England’s John Innes Centre learned how to grow plants that produce polio vaccine. That sounds like a very good idea, particularly since the process should work for other vaccines, too. The other ‘genetic engineering’ news raises issues that … Continue reading

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Sweet Potatoes, Genes, and Long Life

One woman decided to take a road trip after learning she had a terminal illness. Another switched careers. Both choices make sense, given the circumstances. This year’s World Food Prize goes to a team who developed a new sweet potato, … Continue reading

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Alchemy, Science, Life, and Health

(“I find that nothing’s ever exactly like you expect….” (Professor Richard Lazarus, “The Lazarus Experiment,” BBC)) A mad scientist’s lot is not a happy one. All he wants is to redefine being human: and the next thing you know, he’s … Continue reading

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