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Repeatable Results That Aren’t

I’ll be talking about scientific research that may not be “fake:” but isn’t reliable, either. The good news is that many scientists want to fix the problem. I’ll also take a look at truth, beauty, Copernicus, and how a science … Continue reading

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Natural Law, Our Rules

Back in my ‘good old days,’ a half-century back, some claimed that science, technology, and a changing culture, made the ‘outmoded morality’ we’d been working with obsolete. Others apparently believed that moral decay was caused by newfangled gadgets like the … Continue reading

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Sandra and Tommy: Apes and Ethics

A court in Argentina said that Sandra the orangutan is “una persona no humana (non-human person)” in 2014.1 Or maybe 2015. I’ll get back to that. Instead of going ape over that news, I learned a little about Sandra, the … Continue reading

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