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Anger and Justice: Aquinas, Berra and Me

Assorted versions of this quote popped up in my social media feed recently. Usually as a picture of St. Thomas Aquinas with a text overlay. “He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? … Continue reading

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Emotions, Options, Faith and Making Sense

I’ve been feeling frustrated. Nothing unusual there. Feeling frustrated, satisfied, discouraged, elated: that’s part of being human. Emotions happen. I’ll get back to that. Feeling frustrated isn’t anything new, either: “There he came to a cave, where he took shelter. … Continue reading

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Fog, Frost, Feelings: and Another Washington SNAFU

(Looking across the street last Saturday. (January 2, 2021)) This week’s weather has included, for the most part, dense or patchy freezing fog. I figure the weather, and Washington news, have been affecting my mood. Or should that be “has … Continue reading

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Taking to the (Digital) Streets: Advent and Social Media

I still see the occasional “REPENT, THOU WRETCHED SINNER” stuff in my social media feeds. But I very strongly suspect that fire and brimstone fundraisers are passé, and have been for decades. Maybe I’d get more attention if I ranted, … Continue reading

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