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COVID-19: Attitudes, Frustrations, and Perspective

Since I’ll be talking about COVID-19, variants, and the pandemic, clarifications may be in order. I had COVID-19 vaccinations in May and June, because I thought it was a good idea. Politicos, partisans and crackpots have been throwing accusations and … Continue reading

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Olympic Games Tokyo, Stearns County Fair Sauk Centre

The 2020 Summer Olympics and Stearns County Fair are both in progress this weekend. One is an annual agricultural and commerce show, the other is half of a four-year Olympiad; but they’re not entirely different. The COVID-19 pandemic shut both … Continue reading

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Drought, Air Quality Alert: Living in the Upper Midwest

CANADA BURNS AS SMOKE SHROUDS MINNESOTA!!! Well, no. Not really. Although that’d make a dandy headline. On the other hand, maybe it’s too obviously overblown. Maybe there’s a fine line between headlines that grab attention without inspiring thought and those … Continue reading

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Deeper in Drought, But 87.5% Vaccinated

(Drought conditions in Minnesota. (July 13, 2021)) There’s more to life than drought and disease, but that’s mostly what I’ll talk about today. Partly because discussing what I’ve seen in headlines would mean more research and effort than I have … Continue reading

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